La Route de Liberte

The expression ‘ La Route de Liberte” – The Road to Freedom was created by a young man who joined our project team in 1998 to become our secretary.

Daouda Berthe was a true Bamako boy. In Bamako there was electricity, at least in some suburbs, running water, Libanese nightclubs, restaurants, a river called Niger, pretty girls, Pizza at the Relax, fish, TV, cold beer and many more desirable things……

Daouda Berthe treasured secretary of the Project LAG

But Daouda wanted a job and courageously he signed up with us for Nara as IT technician ( we had a car battery to run the PC) , PA and secretary for our project ! Daouda was valued by all of us. On our first trip to Nara he was very silent. He later confessed to me that he thought his life had ended when he saw the first camels on the road.

Since then when anyone of our project undertook the trip to Bamako, he was on the road to liberty, according to Daouda Berthe !


Bamako, la Belle


When you saw this sight appearing in front of your eyes, just before you entered the village of Kati, a view down on Bamako with the Central Bank in the distance close to the beautiful river Niger – you knew freedom was yours !


5 thoughts on “La Route de Liberte

  1. Daouda Fousseyni Berthé

    Et depuis j’ai changé Isabella. Je travaille actuellement au CEFIB à Bamako. C’est toujours le même endroit quand je quittai Kille.

    Merci pour mon histoire

    • Je sais que tu as change, mais je voulait te honorer avec ce petit article pour ton courage et perseverance. Le projet etait seulement le projet a cause de l’equipe. Les gens a Nara, qui ont travaillaient la bas chaque jour, comme toi et Cheik, Salif et Mohammed. Et les autres!

  2. Daouda Fousseyni Berthe

    J’ai beaucoup aimé les brochettes de Fatim. Sauf que je ne vois pas de brochette mais une bouteille de bière.

  3. Daouda Fousseyni Berthe

    Quand je dis que j’ai changé il parlait de changé physiquement sinon je reste le Berthé que tu as connu et que tu connais;

  4. Change physiquement, comment? tout ce que je voir et que toi tu es le meme Beau que toujours! Tu n’as pas changer, pas du tout!

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