My Father And My Mother Own A Bar In Nara

At the Bar Kouame In Nara

Labor is very mobile in the developing countries and especially in Africa. The migratory movement of the people in West Africa is very complex and still today little understood. The are many forms of labor migration.

Labor migration takes place within and across national boundaries in West Africa with most of the wandering happening between the Sahel and the costal countries and between the Sahel and the countries above the Sahel, like Mauretania and Morocco. But West African labor also travels to places as far as New Zealand, USA and Japan.

In Nara a small population of people from Ghana could be found who ” got stuck there “. Originally coming from Accra, Ghana’s capital,  their intention was to develop the wood trade between Ghana and Mauretania. Exotic high quality wood types from Ghana and other coastal countries is a very desirable product in the Sahel countries and fetches a good price.

After reaching the village of Nara, situated at the Mauretanian border ” things became a little bit more difficult ”  for the travelers from Ghana. The non exissting infrastructure, the lack of financial means, communication facilities and logistics necessary for this type of business brought it to a halt.

But the people of Ghana changed their business plan and the first two bars seving liquor where set up in Nara.

 The”  Bar Kouame ” and  the ” Bar Djenneba ” became well frequented businesses in a very strict muslim environment.

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